InvestorQ : according to Kohler learning is a function of
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according to Kohler learning is a function of

Isha Tharwani answered.
2 years ago
The Kohler Theory developed by Wolfgang Kohler of the Berlin University is all about Insight Learning and was originally tested on a number of animals includes apes. The psychologist gained fame with his studies on cognitive processing involved in problem-solving by animals. The tests proved that animals solved problems by understanding; exactly like human beings did, and did not have to go through trial and error process each time. This experiment was done on a chimpanzee inside a cage.

A bunch of bananas was placed just outside the cage and the chimpanzee was provided with one long and another short bamboo stick. Neither of the sticks could reach the banana alone and the only possible way to reach the banana was to join the two sticks, which is what the chimpanzee eventually did. The next day when the experiment was repeated, the chimpanzee immediately grabbed the two sticks to get the bananas.

The Kohler experiment is all about insight learning rather than through trial and error. In insight learning, one draws on previous experience and also uses a cause-and-effect relationship effectively. This is an important insight when dealing with human behavior; be it employees, customers, shareholders or investors.