InvestorQ : Affle India IPO issue date is on 29th July, should I subscribe?
Ira Shah made post

Affle India IPO issue date is on 29th July, should I subscribe?

2 years ago
Affle (India) Limited issues IPO on July 29th - 31st 2019. The face value and the issue price is Rs. 10 and Rs. 740-745 per equity share respectively. The minimum order quantity is 20 shares.

Background? Affle incorporated in 2005, is a mobile marketing firm. The company works on assisting consumer privacy expectations, develop cost-effective mobile ads. It is a business to consumer (B2C) advertising agency that uses different consumer platform. The company has dealt with customers from telecom, fin-tech, e-commerce, retail, FMCG companies, and media.
Should you subscribe? Analyzing and reading the available reports and data of the company, I can pen down few points that answers why it can be ideal for you to subscribe.
Affle is estimated to continue high growth market, it has a cost-effective business model, It has Global reach to the customer. The fund generated will be considered for the working capital requirements of the Company and General corporate purposes.
Affle Holdings operates the business through its subsidiaries. The actual business of the company is the research and experimental development on IT & product development for mobile software & technology.


Purvesh answered.
2 years ago

The company had a bumper opening but it dint resist much. There was a gain of almost 17% and the stock jumped to Rs.958 in the early session of trading. Later, the profit started and now the stock is still showing positive signs. Today, at the end of the day the closing price was Rs.843, which is still more than 10% of the initial price.

My suggestion will be to keep adding the stock in your portfolio if it's going below Rs.750. This scrip will give good gains in the near future as well.