InvestorQ : Among RD, FD, SIP, and MF suggest me the best for my investment
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Among RD, FD, SIP, and MF suggest me the best for my investment

Abhi Yadav answered.
3 years ago
Fixed deposit scheme and Recurring deposit scheme give you an option to invest your savings and get a fixed rate of interest regularly with your savings. However, to inculcate a regular habit of savings RD schemes suits better than FD schemes.
If compared FD offers a slightly higher interest rate than RD.  At the time of maturity, you will get the lump sum amount of interest plus principle amount. When it comes to traditional investment or the most opted investment options for the longer period, generally Fixed Deposit (FD) comes in an option. 
In case of Mutual fund, one can never claim the better mode of investing in mutual fund i.e SIP OR lump sum.
Systematic Investment Program (SIP) in Mutual Funds and lump sum both are known for most chosen options by investors. In SIP mode, every month or a quarter small amount of fund is set aside by the investor rather investing the lump sum amount. Depending upon the investment amount, funds have chosen and other factors Sip or lump sum for mutual fund both are recommendable for long term growth of wealth. So the investment mode It entirely depends if you have a lump sum or regular saving to invest.