InvestorQ : As an investor, why should I be investing in debt instruments at all?
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As an investor, why should I be investing in debt instruments at all?

Crowny Pinto answered.
3 years ago

Fixed Income securities offer a predictable stream of payments by way of interest and repayment of principal at the maturity of the instrument. The debt securities are issued by the eligible entities against the moneys borrowed by them from the investors in these instruments. Therefore, most debt securities carry a fixed charge on the assets of the entity and generally enjoy a reasonable degree of safety by way of the security of the fixed and/or movable assets of the company.

How exactly do investors benefit from investing in such fixed instrument bonds? The investors benefit by investing in fixed income securities as they preserve and increase their invested capital and also ensure the receipt of regular interest income. The investors can even neutralize the default risk on their investments by investing in Govt. securities, which are normally referred to as risk-free investments due to the sovereign guarantee on these instruments. The prices of Debt securities display a lower average volatility as compared to the prices of other financial securities and ensure the greater safety of accompanying investments. Debt securities enable wide-based and efficient portfolio diversification and thus assist in portfolio risk-mitigation.