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bhumandalikaran kya hain

2 years ago
Firstly let me translate, bhu is the Hindi word for 'Globalisation'. 
Globalisation is about the free flow of capital, technology and goods and services across countries. India globalized itself or started globalised itself in 1992 and has been continuing its efforts ever since. Here is the impact of globalisation. 
India trade has gone up manifold in the last 25 years and globalization helped India to create world-class industries like pharmaceuticals and IT, with strong export potential.
Globalization allowed the free flow of FDI (foreign direct investment) into India. Today, India gets nearly $65 billion of flows on an average each year and is the world’s top recipient of FDI flows.

Another major positive spill-off is the sharp increase in foreign portfolio investors coming and investing in India. They have helped create value in the stock markets and also helped companies to raise money at good valuations.
Globalization has given a global platform to companies and individuals to work and do business across geographies. This is made possible by the free movement of workers.
However, along with pros globalisation also comes with cons too.  

 Globalisation has made mostly resulted adverse for two conditions. It has made countries from rich to richer and poor mired in poverty.  It also creates fear of losing culture. Employment gets affected; Wherein foreign employment replaces domestic workforce. 

Lastly, globalisation brings to India best inline technology and sectors like IT, e-commerce, hardware and pharma developed only due to globalisation.