InvestorQ : Can I also trade futures intraday?
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Can I also trade futures intraday?

Abhisha Yadav answered.
3 years ago

Of course, you can trade futures and even options intraday. In the case of futures and options there is not much of a difference whether you trade intraday or you trade for longer as it does not result in delivery anyways. However, even in trading of futures, if you select intraday as your option and place a cover order or bracket order, then you can get the benefit of higher margins on F&O trading. Be cautions when leveraging on F&O trades because they are already leveraged trades and you are now double leveraging them. When it comes to futures, you have the facility to trade intraday or to carry forward your positions. Intraday brokerage on futures is normally lower than the normal futures brokerage. Here you need to remember that brokerage on futures is imposed on the notional value of the transaction which is the lot size multiplied by the price.