InvestorQ : Can I download the Mutual fund statement?
seema Upadhyaya made post

Can I download the Mutual fund statement?

Suresh Patil answered.
2 years ago
It is an easy procedure to download the mutual fund statement online through your broker. Just go the website of your service provider and follow these steps:
  • Look for ‘Investor services’ or any similar option.
  • Select ‘mail-back services’ or ‘e-mail statements’ from the drag-down menu or list.
  • Click on your desired format on the statement, whether consolidated account statement or single folio statement.
However, before opting for mail-back services, make sure that you have registered your e-mail id with the service provider which is functional so that you can receive the statement. You will receive your statement through E-mail within an hour. You will need the password provided to open the statement.
People also want to download their mutual fund statement from NSDL, here’s the procedure:
If one has a registered email address in their Folios across funds, they can avail of this facility to obtain a consolidated PDF account statement at their registered email address. You can send an email at (with the subject: Request for CAS) to get Consolidated Account Statement to view all your holdings together in one place.