InvestorQ : Can I invest in IRFC for the long-term?
Purvesh made post

Can I invest in IRFC for the long-term?

Mary Joseph answered.
1 year ago

All the Railway related stocks are looking very positive but ideally my suggestion to you would be to look at a portfolio that is more broad-based and diversified keeping Railways as your central theme. For example, you can surely accumulate IRFC as a good play on the financing business for Indian railways. But there are a lot more very interesting properties that are part of the Railways story.

For Rail Vikas Nigam is a good play on railway infrastructure. Similarly, if you want to buy into the softer aspects of railway services like catering, tourism and ticketing, then IRCTC is also a business that you must have in your portfolio. Then there is the recently listed RailTel which you can also consider for your portfolio and this is predominantly owning and managing the telecom and communication networks of the Indian Railways.

In short try to get a much broader and wider spread so as to hedge your risk and try and play all the facets of railways.