InvestorQ : can I invest money in myself.
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can I invest money in myself.

tanvi Patel answered.
3 years ago
I always stick to one of those successful investment mantras, od early investment. It is good to start the investment as early as possible. This not only gives you solid returns of your invested money but also provides money closely at your right age.

Before I list down few investment ideas I would like to highlight few points on investment:
1) Decide how much to invest
2) Open an investment account
3) Understand your investment options
4) Pick an investment strategy.

Where you can invest money in yourself?
Here are a few investment options that are comparatively more secured and involve less risk than others.
Insurance cover-
Life insurance is an agreement/contract between an insurance policyholder and an insurer or assurer, where the insurer is liable to pay an agreed sum of money in exchange for a premium. The matured money is provided by the company to the family member of the insured after his/her death.
Medical insurance should be your first choice for sudden financial backup at times of medical emergencies. This investment option covers various medical expenses incurred by the insurer provided with the terms of the coverage purchased.

Fixed Deposit- A fixed deposit is nothing but investment made through banks and non-banking finance companies in return of a higher rate of interest than the regular savings bank account, if held until the maturity date.

NPS-National Pension System (NPS) earlier known as New Pension Scheme is a government-sponsored pension scheme. National Pension System (NPS) is a well-known investment plan for building a retirement corpus. The investor can invest in four NPS asset classes – Equity, Corporate Bonds, Government Bonds and Alternate Assets; based on your preference.

Mutual fund more and lesser in stocks- I always advise investors to invest in both Stocks & Mutual funds but concentrate more in Mutual funds investment with SIP. SIP investment is a little safer investment than stocks.