InvestorQ : can I start network marketing as a career
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can I start network marketing as a career

nishi Shah answered.
1 year ago
Well, before making a career in any field, it is better to be aware of the basics of such a field. First of all, network marketing as a career is suitable for those who could make a significant investment in time and effort. You cannot simply make a quick buck with it. 

What is network marketing?

It is a referral-based sales business. A company will offer a product or service and recruit other people to sell it. Sales representatives are not the employees of the company, instead, they are individual contractors and are paid a commission for what they sell. If these sales representatives recruit other representatives under them, they are also paid a commission of some of their portion of sales, too.

Some of the known network marketing companies are Herbal life, Amway, Primerica, Nu Skin, etc.
While it is not suitable for those who cannot make a substantial investment, it can also develop a thriving business without having to develop a product or a brand. Sales representatives get it readily available by the company, all they have to do is sell.

Also, to succeed under network marketing one should have social connections and is able to handle and convince the crowd easily. One practical thing that no one has told you about this business is that having connections is not just enough. These companies generally have products that are either expensive or are sold in bulk, therefore, a general/middle-class person cannot really afford it, even if they do, it doesn’t last really long. So, you need to have a connection base that is high-class or upper-middle-class, then only this could be helpful for you.

So basically, it can be a good career option if you chose the right company and develop a team of hard-working individuals, because of this the passive income that could be produced is vast. One can certainly reach financial independence. Just make sure that you commit to it and do not convince yourself that it could generate easy money, it is pure hard work.