InvestorQ : Can I track stocks in mutual funds for investment?
Purvesh made post

Can I track stocks in mutual funds for investment?

Juvina Maggie answered.
2 years ago
That is a very good question. Since the early days of my investment, I have also been keen on research and then applying to my actions.
The schemes to invest in mutual funds generally depend on your investment objective, your own risk-taking appetite, and the amount that you would want to invest. While there is a number of platforms that provide details on their recommended mutual fund schemes such as ,

You must note the past performance of the mutual fund scheme, consistency in beating the benchmark and peers, and potential of mutual fund schemes to perform vis-a-via current market scenario.

While these are not completely full-proof parameters, users with advanced knowledge may also look at certain technical details of mutual fund schemes (e.g. Sharpe Ratio).
I also ask beginners to connect with their fund managers for a detailed study on the scheme before they invest.

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