InvestorQ : Can you share with me some of the major highlights of the Reliance AGM on 15 July?
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Can you share with me some of the major highlights of the Reliance AGM on 15 July?

diksha shah answered.
2 years ago

Here are some of the highlights of the 43rd AGM of Reliance Industries held on 15 July via video conference.

· Google will invest of Rs.33,700 crore for a 7.37% stake in Jio Platforms. This will take the total Jio Platforms monetization to 32.98%.

· Saudi Aramco deal was on and only required further discussions due to the changed global macros.

· Reliance announced future plans for a totally indigenous palate of 5G products and solutions and will compete with ZTE, Huawei and Ericsson globally.

· Reliance to launch super OTT platform which will act as a syndicator for OTT content from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar among others.

· Reliance has also spoken about the launch of Jio Glass products to facilitate virtual interactions and make business interactions more economical.

· The AGM did not discuss anything about the much talked bonus issue, which was expected since the prices had gone up sharply since the last bonus in 2017.

· RIL confirmed that it was totally on target to become zero net-debt well before Mar-21 even without Aramco deal and sale of telecom towers to Brookefield

· RIL has also sought permission from the NCLT to hive off the Oil-to-Chemicals or O2C business into a separate entity, which may set the tone for Aramco monetization

· Effectively, the 43rd AGM markets the beginning of the shift of RIL from an old economy oil & chemicals company to a new economy to data and AI driven company.