InvestorQ : Can you suggest some good resources to learn about investing in the Indian context?
Monali Shah made post

Can you suggest some good resources to learn about investing in the Indian context?

Gauravi Patel answered.
1 year ago
The first thing that you should understand before learning about investing is that it is good to learn in multiple phases. You cannot grasp it all at once. You need to learn it through various aspects and then apply it mindfully. You can take help with some books, some podcasts, websites, etc.

However, the communication must be two-way. In the process of learning, it is also crucial that your queries shall be answered. It should not be restrictive, as there can be several different situations in real-life other than what you learn theoretically.
To solve this problem, you can buy some paid courses that allow you to ask questions and solve all your investment-related queries. But, if you do not want to spend a good amount of money, you can begin by referring to some websites that give answers to all your investment-related queries.

There’s a website called Quora, where you can ask questions related to investment. Whereas that would be great if you follow a website built specially to meet all your financial queries, and you could ask segment-specific questions, where you get answers from like-minded people or experts. So, this makes interaction and learning a lot better. One such website is

You can also head to a website that is ready to address all your queries, and you get real-time answers on all your financial worries, investment issues, etc. You can head to IIFL Securities’ website to get that assistance, as the website is really helpful.
You can also watch various webinars, reach out to other financial sites, etc., to learn all about investing.