InvestorQ : Can you tell me as to what is this latest controversy over the Google Play Store in India?
Arusha Ray made post

Can you tell me as to what is this latest controversy over the Google Play Store in India?

3 years ago

There have been murmurs for a long time that Google may be misusing its dominant position in search, maps and Android to browbeat smaller businesses and start-ups around the world. It had troubles in the EU region and now it is having problems in India.

This is nothing new. In fact, controversies have followed Google globally, especially with respect to the use or rather the misuse of its dominant position in search engines and the Android platforms. This was recently visible in the removal of Paytm from the store.

While Paytm was put back in the store, there are reports that now Google is being asked to soften its stance in India after protests from start-ups over Google has plans to charge a fee to companies for use of its play store and also direct payments through Google platform.

Start-ups are clearly not too happy about being forced to use the Google payment platforms and they are even exploring the idea of creating a non-profit organization that can run an app store listing for Indian apps. Nothing is crystallized, but this is in the works.

It may be recollected that recently Google had rubbed Paytm the wrong way by summarily removing it from the store for allegedly promoting gambling. Paytm has clearly called it an attempt to further the interest of Google Pay over the pioneer, Paytm.

Start-ups feel that it creates a conflict of interest as Google owns the Android platform and the Play Store but also lets its Google Pay compete with Paytm and Phone Pe in digital money. It is not clear where this could end up but clearly Google is toning down its offensive.