InvestorQ : Can you tell me what the Mindtree 4x4x4 strategy really mean?
Mitali Bhutta made post

Can you tell me what the Mindtree 4x4x4 strategy really mean?

5 months ago

Mindtree recently outlined a 4x4x4 strategy. This strategy is focused on 4 industries, 4 service lines and 4 geographies and this will be the focal point aimed at growth and developing strategic partnerships. This will give a greater granular focus to strategy at Mindtree.

The 4 focus industry groups would include consumer products, BFSI, Tourism & hospitality and communication & media. The 4 service lines will comprise of customer success, data intelligence, cloud and enterprise IT as the specific business areas. The 4 focus geographies will be North America, United Kingdom, Continental Europe and Asia Pacific.

For Mindtree, the top clients contributed significantly to the overall growth in the recent past accounting for over 75% of incremental quarterly revenues. The share of the top clients has grown from 16.1% to 28.9% in the recent past. This makes the case for a very focused strategy to pool most of their resources and focus on these leadership areas.

Mindtree gradually plans to ramp up managed services and annuity business to drive stability in its future business model. Mindtree has created a crack team to focus on and pursue win rates in large deals in the range of $50 million to 100 million, with focus on managed services. The idea is to become a digital business transformation partner.