InvestorQ : Did SBI manage to raise funds via AT1 bonds as it had planned?
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Did SBI manage to raise funds via AT1 bonds as it had planned?

Arti Chavan answered.
3 years ago

In fact, State Bank of India has officially announced that it has raised Rs.4000 crore through the issue of additional tier 1 or AT-1 bonds in the market. The coupon rate of 7.74% paid by SBI is the lowest in this category of bonds issued by bonds.

AT-1 bonds are a special category of perpetual bonds on which only interest is payable for life. However, such bonds can be called back by the issuer at the end of 5 years or more. AT-1 bonds are treated as quasi equity and hence qualify as Tier-1 capital for banks.

However, there is also a downside risk to it. AT-1 bonds being quasi equity can be repudiated in a crisis, as it happened in the case of Yes Bank in March earlier this year. Hence this instrument is a high risk instrument depending on the issuer.

The good thing for SBI in this AT-1 bond issue is that the yield at 7.74% is sharply lower than the rate of 8.3% paid by Canara Bank when it had issued AT-1 bonds. However, that is more because SBI is a TBTF or Too Big To Fail bank in the Indian context.

The original issue size was Rs.1000 crore but SBI had received bids worth Rs.6000 crore. As a result, SBI opted to exercise its green shoe option and retained a total of Rs.4000 crore. SBI had repudiated Yes Bank’s AT-1 bonds when it was taken over.