InvestorQ : Did Union Budget 2020 miss some opportunities?
nishi Shah made post

Did Union Budget 2020 miss some opportunities?

Shivali Sharma answered.
3 years ago

Well, this Union Budget was supposed to be one of the major hopes for the revival of the Indian Economy. This budget had opportunities to increase consumption and in turn, improve the condition of the drowning economy. It was expected that this budget will work more and better on creating more employment opportunities and making the tax structure a little less complex. However, the shocking thing under this budget has been the allocation of funds, the ratio has been kept the same for almost all the sectors, even some of the sectors like auto, real estate, etc were almost ignored, any measure or major introduction under these sections could have been proved to be an opportunity for the economy.

It is considered that the budget was less thoughtful and not so well planned if it were, the chances of revival for the economy would have increased.