InvestorQ : Do I have to pay any charges if I miss paying SIP?
Nikita Damle made post

Do I have to pay any charges if I miss paying SIP?

Neha Samdani answered.
3 years ago

There is no penalty from the mutual fund house for missing a SIP. By skipping one SIP, wouldn’t affect your investment. All the amount invested before would remain as is. And when you start your SIP again from the next month the amount would get added to your total investment. But 3 missed SIPs will be considered as disinterest on the part of the investor to continue SIP and the existing SIP gets discontinued. However, your bank may charge you penalty if your debit request raised from the mutual fund schemes cannot be honored due to insufficient funds.

Banks have their own set of charges which ranges from Rs150 to Rs750. Some Online Web Aggregators and Investment Platforms have an option to skip/pause the SIP.

However, such options can be made only for a month or two, and cannot be for an indefinite period. So, if you are not sure when you would start the SIP again, it would be wise to stop or cancel the SIP and restart them as they were when you are ready to invest again.