InvestorQ : Do you have any stock calls for the 11 of February 2021?
Dawn Cherian made post

Do you have any stock calls for the 11 of February 2021?

diksha shah answered.
1 year ago

You would recollect that I have not made any changes on Wednesday to your holdings. On Thursday, I suggest that you book profits and exit SBI Life as the stock has rallied quite sharply in the last few days. All the other positions can be held on to for the time being and I will keep you updated on when to exit these positions. I have two stocks for you today.

For Thursday 11 February, you can pick up positions in these two stocks as under.

· Look to buy oil extraction giant, ONGC, to play the sharp spike in crude oil prices in the Brent market after supply limits imposed by OPEC. Buy ONGC at a price of Rs.100 for upside targets of Rs.120 in the next one month time frame. ONGC still discounts crude oil at a price of $47/bbl and crude price is already closer to $60/bbl; is a huge gap.

· For a very short term trade, you can look to buy ITC ahead of its quarterly results at a price of Rs.227 for targets of Rs.240. Since this is a very short term trade for less than holding period of 15 days, traders can keep a stop loss of around Rs.220, where the position can be terminated. Don’t hold the position too long beyond 15 days.