InvestorQ : Do you see any major impact of the farmer call for Bharat Bandh on 08 December?
diksha shah made post

Do you see any major impact of the farmer call for Bharat Bandh on 08 December?

ishika Banerjee answered.
2 years ago

There has been a call for a nationwide strike by the farmers on 08 December. It could be successful considering that all the parties in power in Maharashtra are in favour of the farmers and are supporting this call for Bandh. However, banks will function normally.

You must be aware that scores of farmers are currently protesting against the Farm Bill with the fear that it could be a sell-out to the corporate forces and above all it could also lead to the farmers losing out on the Minimum Selling Price or MSP advantage.

The call for Bandh has come despite the best assurances of the government that there was nothing to worry on the MSP front. Most political opposition parties like the INC, AAP, NCP, BSP, SP, DMK and the left parties have come out openly in support of the farmers call for a nation-wide Bandh on Tuesday.

The farmers and the government have gone through the rigmarole of 5 rounds of talks. However, both appear to be sticking to their guns. Both the parties virtually refused to budge on the subject of private sale of produce by farmers and assurance of MSP.

It is interesting that the biggest protests have come from the farmers of Punjab and Haryana where the Rabi sowing season is currently in progress and the initial feedback is that the Rabi output could also be better than expected due to the impact of overflowing reservoirs.