InvestorQ : Do you see any positives from the last Samvat Year 2076, which just ended?
diksha shah made post

Do you see any positives from the last Samvat Year 2076, which just ended?

Dilmini Mercia answered.
3 years ago

In a tough year like the last year, there are two kinds of positive than can roll out. The first positive is in the form of positive learnings. The second positive is in the form of the factors that provide a hope for the future. Let us look at these two aspects.

In the midst of all the chaos, there were some major positives seen. For example, best business practices are normally cultivated in bad times. Individuals learnt how to run a tight ship. Businesses were forced to cut flab and rethink their outlandish spending plans.

That partially explains why in the September quarter most Indian companies showed better than expected operating performance despite lower sales revenues. One big positive of the pandemic is that Indian companies are embracing cloud storage, distributed workplaces and reduced travel like never before.

More than the learnings, it is about the hope that is driving markets. Here is why it is positive. In the midst of this tumult the appetite for equity increased. This was evident from consistent SIP flows, surge in new demat accounts and the influx of FPI money.

One very important positive is that despite all the tumult, India did not really descend into chaos. It was mutual as Indians kept their faith in the state and the state also reciprocated. That is perhaps the biggest source of hope and optimism in the coming year.