InvestorQ : Do you suggest any stock trading tips for Wednesday 14 October 2020?
Riya Dwivedi made post

Do you suggest any stock trading tips for Wednesday 14 October 2020?

diksha shah answered.
3 years ago

Before giving my trading tips, I want to sound a small word of caution. Markets have heated up quite a bit in the last few days and you could see a correction in the coming days in the absence of any triggers. Indian stimulus has been fairly disappointing. Here are the tips.

· You can safely use dips to buy into Titan at Rs.1220 for targets of Rs.1300 in a month or so. The stock will benefit, not only from the revival in festival demand in December quarter, but also gain from the strength in gold prices.

· Godrej Agrovet at Rs.533 with targets of Rs.575 could be a good agri/FMCG bet. With its focus on animal feeds and agrochemicals, Godrej Agrovet is poised to ride the next rally due to Rabi planting. The stock is expected to rally in the next one month.

· For a short term trade, I reiterate my call on buying ITC from a short term perspective at Rs.172 for upside targets of Rs.210 in 2-3 months. It could ride on the back of the sharp growth in the Savlon brand and also make up for lost time in the FMCG space.

However, as I said earlier, just a word of caution! Indices are tiring at higher levels and the immediate upsides are limited by the disappointing stimulus announced by the FM.