InvestorQ : Does the broker offer a 2-in-1 account or 3-in-1 account and how is the online trading facility?
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Does the broker offer a 2-in-1 account or 3-in-1 account and how is the online trading facility?

TSH answered.
2 years ago

From a retail investor point of view, the 2-in-1 account is more important than the 3-in-1 account. It is more critical to have the broker and the DP under the same head so that the process can be smooth. Even if your broker is not a bank, you can still allocate money from your bank account and the process can be equally seamless. The best trading account for beginners in India is the one that offers seamless 2-in-1 facility at the bare minimum. It overcomes a lot of procedural hassles pertaining to trading and demat.

What is more important is the online trading platform, which has become the default access point for traders and investors. Since online trading offers you the facility of trading from your home or your office, this is what is most preferred today. Best online stock broker for beginners is the one that offers speed and simplicity. If you have to search for the logical icons, it does not add value. Does the online trading platform of the broker enable you to go from any point to any point in less than 3 clicks? That is what ultimately matters.

In addition, you must also insist on some add on facilities like screeners and smart analytics. The best online trading sites for beginners are the ones that hand-hold you through the trading process. Trading is all about information, analysis, transparency and execution. Does your broker’s online website combine all these four factors? Your broker should ideally offers you a variety of screeners to shortlist stocks, provide short term trading ideas, give you powerful long term wealth creation ideas, simplify your navigation through the website, charts and technical support etc.