InvestorQ : Does the future of gold investing lie in digital gold?
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Does the future of gold investing lie in digital gold?

3 years ago

In India, the festival of Dhanteras and Akshaya Trithiya are two festivals where people go just all out buying gold. Of course, physical gold still remains the preferred mode but then times are changing. Dhanteras celebrations are back and like most Indian households, you too want to buy gold. But gold has its own challenges. If you buy physical gold, there is the problem of safety and maintenance. If you opt for gold jewellery, then there is the added risk of production and melting losses over and above the safety issue. Gold bonds issued by the RBI are only available at select intervals at the banking window. All these challenges can be overcome through the recently introduced Digital Gold by MMTC-PAMP.

What exactly is digital gold and how can you invest in the same? The Digital Gold is issued by the government owned MMTC in association with PAMP of Switzerland, which is one of the global leaders in bullion branding. The joint venture, MMTC-PAMP, operates the world’s most advanced gold processing facility. MMTC-PAMP has now come out with the issue of Digital Gold, which will be issued online in the form of 24K 999.9 Fine Gold Coins. Investors can not only buy digital gold from the MMTC-PAMP but can also sell gold that meets this criteria to the MMTC.