InvestorQ : Fixed return bearing investment are?
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Fixed return bearing investment are?

2 years ago

Fixed income investments are those investments that offer a fixed stream of returns at a pre-decided interval of time. The amount that shall be paid at fixed intervals may or may not vary. Debt funds such as bonds, debentures, etc. are generally fixed-income investments.

One can decide on the fund by keeping a few parameters in mind such as – Risk-appetite Return expectations Fixed-income expectations This fund is common among retired people or those near retirement due to the reliability of income offered by it. Also, the maturity value under this type of investment is guaranteed and hence the very minimal risk is involved. However, the returns are not very attractive.

Here are some of the options that you can consider for investing:

Public Provident Fund

National Savings Certificate

Bank Fixed Deposits

Mutual Funds

RBI Taxable Bonds

Bharat Bond ETF

Gold Bonds

Gold certificate