InvestorQ : good media stocks to buy in 2020
Prakash made post

good media stocks to buy in 2020

Dhwani Mehta answered.
3 years ago

It is hard to identify good media stocks because many of them have been struggling in the face of weak growth numbers and the assault of digital modes of media. Zee used to be a good stock to hold due to its strong fundamentals and stable business pan-India business model. However, post its infrastructure foray, the stock has come under pressure. Also, with the original management moving out, the future strategy is not too clear.

A good alternative would be to buy into Sun TV. It not only has the strongest franchise in the fast growing Southern market but it also has its own DTH business which has a lot of appeal and potential. The Southern region channel offering is popular across India as well as with the Indian Diaspora across the world. Hence, Sun TV is a stock you can consider as even the valuations are relatively more attractive after the correction the stock price saw in recent times.