InvestorQ : Has LIC reported bumper profits ahead of its IPO?
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Has LIC reported bumper profits ahead of its IPO?

Tisha Malhotra answered.
1 year ago

LIC reported PAT of Rs.1,437 crore for the first half of 2021-22. This is a sharp growth over a net profit of Rs.6.14 crore in in the first half of the previous financial year. New business premium growth stood at 554%. Overall net premium income stood at Rs.1.86 trillion, about 1% higher on a yoy basis in H1. The income from investments for the first half came in at Rs3.35 trillion in H1 period. LIC's share capital is up at Rs.6,325 crore ahead of the IPO.

LIC reported a net retention ratio of 99.88% in the first half of FY22. The total investment AUM of policyholders stand at Rs.37.72cr, nearly the same as the overall mutual fund AUM. The 13th month persistency ratio stood at 78.18% with solvency ratio at 183.37% in the first half. The company continues to maintain a market share of close to 70%.