InvestorQ : Has there been renewed interest in global equity funds?
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Has there been renewed interest in global equity funds?

7 months ago
According to Refinitiv, global equity funds saw solid inflows as investors’ risk appetite returned led by the belief that the Omicron variant won’t bring a big setback to the world economy next year.

According to Refinitiv data, investors purchased $33 billion worth of global equity funds in the week ending Dec. 22, compared with an outflow of $13.1 billion in the previous week.

U.S. equity funds attracted an inflow of $27.5 billion, while Asian equity funds obtained $1.8 billion. On the other hand, European equity funds saw an outflow worth $1.5 billion. Global bond funds, on the other hand, saw an outflow worth Rs$3.2 billion during the week, underscoring the positive risk sentiment. An analysis of 24,070 emerging market funds showed bond funds witnessed outflows of $89 million, while investors sold equity funds worth $1.8 billion, data from Refinitiv showed.