InvestorQ : Have you ever faced any credit card fraud?
natasha Samani made post

Have you ever faced any credit card fraud?

shivangi Arora answered.
1 year ago
Well, I would like to share this experience with you. It was just my overthinking or overanalyzing skills that saved me from such fraud. So, here’s all about the incident.

I got a call from a number (which reflected Registered Bank services on my phone). I picked up the call, and the other person was talking to me in fluent English and asked me if I have a credit card. She then asked me questions like if I have the same limit as the bank already offered me, or whether the card is free for a lifetime, and if it has any joining fees, etc. She then told me that the bank is offering me a credit limit increase of Rs 1 lakh if I wish to. And then, she said, please confirm if the PAN number I’m telling is correct. She managed to tell my PAN number correctly. When I confirmed the same, she further mentioned that I will receive an OTP for confirmation that I want the increased limit.

Now, this created a doubt in my mind. So, I started googling about the procedure of increasing credit limits by banks. It mentioned that it is based on approval and the bank’s discretion. It does not require OTP. However, the OTP I received was in the exact format as I receive OTP from the bank and the same thread. So, I got a little confused. The text mentioned, “OTP for changing the credit card settings.” This hit me up. Why it has to be settings? So, I asked the person on call to tell me the current limit of the card, and they went silent. She couldn’t answer and was trying to convince me to share the OTP. But I didn’t, and she hung up when I started enquiring about things.