InvestorQ : home loan kaise le sir requrment of documents bataeye
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home loan kaise le sir requrment of documents bataeye

Tanya Mehta answered.
12 months ago

Stepping for a home loan is a big financial decision in individuals' lives. Thus, be assured that you are applying with a good bank that meets your needs and fulfills your dream to get a house in a hassle-free process.

Here are some documents that I had experienced during my application of home loan. Some of them may differ in your case:
- Completed and duly-signed loan application form

- Passport size photographs

- Identity proof; could be any of the following: PAN card, Passport, driver’s license, Voter’s ID, etc

- Residence proof; could be telephone or electricity bill/ passport/ voter ID / property tax receipt - Bank statement for at least past six months and salary certificates or latest acknowledged ITR

- Copy of plan approved for the proposed construction/extension of the house or building

- Cost estimation/ valuation report from lender’s (bank or finance company) authorised surveyor

- Allotment letter of the housing board, no-objection certificate of the society/builder etc. as well as any other land use certificate

I have found a suitable article online Here is for your reference.