InvestorQ : How much amount can I Invest on my first Investment at Share Market.
Sudipta Ranjan Mohanty made post

How much amount can I Invest on my first Investment at Share Market.

Roshni Hegde answered.
3 years ago
Wondering about "What is the money that you can start investing in stocks?'' The sole answer to this is;There is no minimum limitation in amount to start investment in the stock market.
One can start trading in Indian stock market with the least share cost of just Rs.10.Also in Indian stock exchanges BSE and NSE has many stocks pricing which are lesser than Rs.10!
However, if you are new in market to invest it's always advisable to start small . This helps to focus on market mechanism without losing much in market.The initial profits always contributes confidence in investor for further additional investment .
Hence the amount which suits best to the investor and the market conditions is a great way to start investment in Indian stock market .
Once the amount is decided, one needs to simply align three things to start investment i.e; Bank account Trading account Demat account. In order to give value to your holdings which are in digital forms creation of demat account is vital . Contact your DP (Depository Participant) that can be your bank or the broker. Following the KYC process, lastly fill the desired form and later achieve the beneficiary ID.Thus through this your physical shares can be dematerialized and transferred to demat account.