InvestorQ : How Affordplan could be able to bridge the gap between patients and hospitals?
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How Affordplan could be able to bridge the gap between patients and hospitals?

Sadaf Khan answered.
1 year ago
Affordplan partners with various hospitals so that it could reach out to its patients. The company provides a YES-bank prepaid card called Swasth to the patients and access to a digital wallet upon signing up. When a customer makes payment through the card, they save them costs on lab tests, doctor visits, diagnostics, medicines, etc. These savings are put back in the wallet which can be used for subsequent purchases.

This platform allows users to create a goal-based IPD plan for elective treatment and to pay the cost in smaller installments ahead of their treatment while saving them cost. The card (Swasth) offered is a chip-based card, allows goal-based savings, loans, a digital wallet, and insurance. It also includes complimentary accidental insurance for an emergency, medical loans at zero interest rates, other benefits in the form of instant cashback, and exclusive hospital offers.

Affordplan’s Swasth card allows a patient to save up to 15% on their out-of-pocket expenses for OPD visits, including expenses paid for doctor’s consultation. Hospitals also provide a better experience for the patients by providing them with tailored offers on ongoing treatment regimes, preventive check-ups, and consultation.

The company has partnered with hundreds of hospitals across 11 cities, with a customer base of about 5,00,000 patients. The company is already functioning in Mumbai, Delhi/NCR, Jaipur, Bangalore, Kolkata and is working to expand operations in Hyderabad.