InvestorQ : How can I apply for a Home loan?
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How can I apply for a Home loan?

3 years ago
There are two ways you can do that-
1.      Online with your service provider bank
2.      Offline, by visiting the office of the bank.

Here, I’m going to discuss the online procedure as an offline procedure involves guidance from the bank officials and every bank has its own procedure.

Online procedure:
1.      Visit the website of your desired lender bank and look out for the option of a home loan.

2.      Read the terms related to the loan eligibility, documents required, interest rates, the period of maturity, etc. Once you are satisfied and well-versed with the conditions of the bank, you can proceed to fill the application form.

3.      The forms are generally available in two options: Salaried Individual and Self-employed individual

You can choose the applicable option and fill the required data.

4.      You will then have to furnish the details of the property for which you are taking the loan.

5.      Enter your contact details and then wait for the relationship manager to call you.

Please note that this is the procedure to apply for the loan only, once you apply bank relationship manager will call you and then your request will be carried forward for further processing.