InvestorQ : How can I use the IndusInd Duo Card?
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How can I use the IndusInd Duo Card?

Nishita Gala answered.
3 years ago

The Duo card is a credit-cum-debit card launched by the IndusInd Bank.

The card comes with two EMV Chips, one is for credit card and another is for a debit card. One EMV chip with a blue coloured arrow on the left-hand side of the card is the ATM/Debit Card chip, and the other chip on the right side with a yellow coloured arrow is the credit card chip.

There are two magnetic stripes and two CVVs on the top for ATM/Debit card usage and the other below for credit card usage. There will also be two different numbers printed on the card, with the number on the left side of the card being the debit card number and the one on right being the credit card number.

With two chips and magnetic stripes, it could be little confusing for the using the card, especially at the merchant terminals. Once you know how to use it, you can guide them to use the card properly. Explained below is the process to use your Duo card as a credit card and debit card at different places.