InvestorQ : How did the auto sales numbers look for the month of February 2021?
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How did the auto sales numbers look for the month of February 2021?

sarah Leo answered.
2 years ago

Auto sales were great for the four wheelers but for the two wheelers the domestic numbers were not too encouraging. Here are the highlights for auto numbers for the month of Feb-21.

· Maruti Suzuki recorded a robust 8.3% growth in domestic sales numbers at 144,761 units even as export volumes grew by 11.9% to 11,486 units. There was demand across segments with the middle and premium segments seeing more demand.

· Hyundai, which is the second largest car maker in India after Maruti, reported 29% increase in domestic sales at 51,600. At the same time, exports also grew by 14.6% to 10,200 units in the month of Feb-21.

· Even as JLR has been making waves improving its sales in the global markets, India’s Tata Motors recorded 119% increase in domestic sales at 27,225 units. This represents the highest-ever volumes in any single month in the last nine years.

· Another major player, Mahindra & Mahindra also reported very strong 41% growth in domestic volumes at 15,391 units in Feb-21. The growth in its agricultural vehicles segment has been very robust even in hard times.

· In two wheelers space, Hero Moto saw overall sales volumes rise by a marginal 1.45% to 5,05,467 units helped by scooters even as the growth in motorcycles numbers was negative for the month.

· Bajaj Auto saw 6% increase in sales at 375,000 units driven largely by 13% growth in exports and despite a 2% fall in domestic vehicle sales. Bajaj has benefited because exports account for over 55% of its total revenues in any given month.