InvestorQ : How did the retail of CPI inflation pan out for the month of February 2021?
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How did the retail of CPI inflation pan out for the month of February 2021?

vidhya Laxmi answered.
1 year ago

The MOSPI announced the retail or CPI inflation for the month of February 2021 on 12 March. Here are some key highlights.

· India’s retail CPI inflation surged by 97 basis points to a 3-month high of 5.03% in Feb-21 compared to 4.06% in the month of Jan-21.

· The big driver of higher inflation was food inflation, which bounced back sharply from 1.89% to 3.87% on a sequential month on month basis.

· A sharp spike in fuel prices led by an almost daily spike in the prices of petrol and diesel also fuelled the higher level of CPI inflation in Feb-21. Petrol inflation was up 20.6%.

· Higher retail prices of fuel were an outcome of higher crude prices and steep excise duties. This gave a push to transport and communication inflation to 4-month highs.

· One of the reason the food basket got negatively impacted was that the transport costs had a secondary impact on food prices, across most of the categories.

· Food basket has a weight of nearly 45.86% in the overall CPI inflation basket and hence that was the most significant aspect of the overall inflation spurt.

· Experts have also pointed out that the excess liquidity in the system, combined with the volatility in fuel prices, could also pose a bigger risk to inflation in the days to come.

· The big worry would be the sharp spike in core inflation to 5.89%. Core inflation excludes food inflation and fuel and covers items like clothing, personal effects, housing, recreation etc. This has been very sticky for a long time.

· MPC or the Monetary Policy Committee normally uses the inflation rate as a benchmark. With such risks to inflation, it is expected to continue the pause in interest rates for more time and also is likely to keep the stance as accommodative.

· For Feb-21, there was also a spike in services sector inflation with health inflation at a 17-month high of 6.3%. Clearly supply chain bottlenecks are turning structural.