InvestorQ : How did you see the quarterly performance of Aurobindo Pharma in the second quarter of fiscal 2021?
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How did you see the quarterly performance of Aurobindo Pharma in the second quarter of fiscal 2021?

Juvina Maggie answered.
2 years ago

Here is what you need to know about the quarterly numbers of Aurobindo Pharma for the Sep-20 quarter.

· It surely looks like the pharma major, Aurobindo, got its Q2 prescription bang on target as net profit grew by 26% to Rs.806 crore in the Sep-20 quarter.

· Aurobindo Pharma, which is currently based out of Hyderabad, reported 15.77% growth in sales revenues at Rs.6484 crore for the Sep-20 quarter.

· Like in the case of most pharma companies, the impact of the COVID quarter was fairly limited for Aurobindo Pharma. Hence recovery was not a real issue for them.

· We now turn to operating profits. For the Sep-20 quarter, operating profits were higher by 31.06% at Rs.1176 crore due to efficient cost tweaking by Aurobindo.

· The operating margins of the company grew from 16.01% in Sep-19 quarter to 18.13% in the Sep-20 quarter; extremely impressive even by lofty pharma standards.

· Net profits for the Sep-20 quarter grew by a healthy 25.98% on a yoy basis to Rs.806 crore as the operating benefit got transmitted to the bottom line.

· PAT margins in the Sep-20 quarter moved up by 100 bps at 12.43%. The growth in the quarter was largely driven by US formulations business of Aurobindo.

· The US formulations business accounts for about half of total revenues and that particular segment grew by 12.5% to Rs.3190 crore in revenues on the top line.

· Apart from the US formulations segment, even the lucrative Europe formulations business grew by 8.1% to Rs.1515 crore in the Sep-20 quarter.

· On important barometer for most pharma companies is the R&D spending. For the quarter, Aurobindo spent Rs.408 crore on R&D or 6.3% of revenues.

· Aurobindo has also filed for final approval for 10 ANDAs with the US FDA. Aurobindo’s R&D spend percent is at par with global pharma majors.