InvestorQ : How do I make money work hard in trading?
Aashna Tripathi made post

How do I make money work hard in trading?

3 years ago

Unless the conditions really justify, don’t try to sit on cash for too long. That is not a smart thing to do. The real trick in trade in the market is to keep constantly churning the money. If you can earn an average of 3% on your capital every month, then you churn your capital 12 times in a year and make big returns. That is when trading becomes meaningful. Always, don’t try to play it easy in the market. The beauty of trading in markets is that you keep tapping opportunities in all kinds of markets. The key is not let your money idle for too long. In trading, sitting on cash is not a strategy at all! Rather it is the absence of trading strategy. The more often and the more aggressively you churn your funds in the market, the more is likely to be your Return on Investments (ROI).