InvestorQ : How do I make the best of expertise available in the market?
Sakshi Malhotra made post

How do I make the best of expertise available in the market?

Shreya Karn answered.
3 years ago

The best way is to listen to the market and then take your own decisions. There is surely a lot of intelligence in the market that is available in various forms. One of the rules of the stock market is that you must listen to the experts. After all, they bring enormous experience and insights into the market. They have been around for a long time and are best placed to advise you. But remember, what is good for the experts may not good for you and hence you need to also convey to your advisor. However, one needs to draw a very fine line between listening to one’s insights and accepting one’s opinion. You can learn from insights but you don’t have to take their opinions at face value. Your investment needs and your risk profile are an extremely complex matrix. It is difficult for any investment advisor to really understand an investment situation from your perspective. That is something only you truly understand. So, make the most of the insights of the investment advisor but do not outsource the actual decision-making process. Make notes, keep a scrap book but ultimately take your own decisions in the market.