InvestorQ : How do you qualify for student loans ?
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How do you qualify for student loans ?

Akash answered.
3 years ago

You pass +2 copy

Collage administration Noc

Get collage HR Letter.

First year fees bill.

Your bank account

You all proop.


Sadaf Khan answered.
3 years ago

have a big market with students interested in pursuing their education and higher studies. Banks offer these loans to meritorious and deserving students who require finance to continue their studies. These loans have helped boost careers and given people a chance to pursue higher education which they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to afford. But not everyone is eligible for an educational loan. Banks set certain criteria for applicants to meet before they loan money for any purpose.

Factors taken into account:

When banks receive an educational loan application, the main factors they would consider are:

  • The academic background and qualifications of the student. The track record of marks, credits and achievements will be considered.

  • The course for which the loan is being sought. Courses should be accredited and worthy of studying. They should have a good chance of placement and job prospects so that the applicant can repay the loan.

  • The institution at which the course will be studied will also play a role. The university, school or college should be accredited and of good repute.

  • Whether or not the applicant can offer collateral on the loan. The bank will take into account what kind of collateral is offered and the value of it.

  • Whether or not parents, guardians or an acceptable third party are co-borrowers or guarantors of the loan. They will also check the job profile and credibility of the co-borrowers