InvestorQ : How does the SEBI regulate the IPO markets?
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How does the SEBI regulate the IPO markets?

Dia Deshpande answered.
3 years ago

Till the early nineties, Controller of Capital Issues used to decide about entry of company in the market and also about the price at which securities should be offered to public. However, following the introduction of disclosure based regime under the aegis of SEBI, companies can now determine issue price of securities freely without any regulatory interference, with the flexibility to take advantage of market forces. The primary issuances are governed by SEBI in terms of SEBI (ICDR) Regulations, 2009.

SEBI framed its Disclosures and Investor Protection (DIP) guidelines initially for public offerings which were later converted into Regulations i.e. in 2009 by way of ICDR Regulations. The SEBI DIP Guidelines, and subsequently ICDR Regulations, over the years have gone through many amendments in keeping pace with the dynamic market scenario. It provides a comprehensive framework for issuing of securities by the companies.

Before a company approaches the primary market to raise money by the fresh issuance of securities it has to make sure that it is in compliance with all the requirements of SEBI (ICDR) Regulations, 2009. The Merchant Banker are those specialised intermediaries registered with SEBI, who perform the due diligence and ensures compliance with ICDR Regulations before the document is filed with SEBI.

Officials of SEBI at various levels examine the compliance with ICDR Regulations and ensure that all necessary material information is disclosed in the draft offer documents. Still there are certain mis-conceptions prevailing in the mind of investors about the role of SEBI.