InvestorQ : How exactly does online investing empower the investor?
Debbie Mascarenhas made post

How exactly does online investing empower the investor?

Crowny Pinto answered.
3 years ago

Online investing is about the facility to place your buy and sell orders on the internet. You can trade from the comfort of your home or office with just an internet connection. An online trading platform is convenient because the entire process is seamless. You buy shares today; your bank account gets automatically debited and the shares get credited to your demat account on T+2 day. When you sell shares, the shares get automatically debited to your demat account and your bank account gets credited on T+2 day. Online trading enables you to trade with minimal intervention and at lower costs.

But, online investing is not just about execution. It is a lot more! The online platform also assists you in screening stocks based on your criteria, helps you access research and news pertaining to the stocks of your choice and also empowers you to identify the right levels to enter and exit the stock with the help of basic technical charting tools. Execution of the trade and the post-trade support is one part of the online story. A good online platform will also assist you in the stock screening, stock selection and the level identification process. After all, that is what broker pedigree is all about.