InvestorQ : How has been the FPI action in the first week of April 2022?
Dawn Cherian made post

How has been the FPI action in the first week of April 2022?

Mitali Bhutta answered.
10 months ago

While these may still be early days to pass a judgment, it is true that FPIs have been net buyers in the first week of April. This especially gratifying considering the fact that FPIs sold equities worth Rs.1.40 trillion in FY22 with the entire selling happening in the last 6 months since October 2021. FPIs were net sellers in each of the month since Oct-21. In contrast, the FPIs tuned net buyers in Apr-22, although we still have 3 weeks to go for the month to end.

For the first week of April, FPIs were net buyers of Rs.7,707 crore in the equity markets with a lot of targeted buying visible in mid-cap stocks. However, the geopolitical situation is still very tense and some of the major risks of last year like commodity inflation and Fed hawkishness are still there on the table. FPIs were also net buyers of Rs.1,403 crore in debt markets in first week of Apr-22. There was a lot of FPI selling on Thursday, largely led by the block sale of Zee Entertainment by Invesco Fund.