InvestorQ : How have been P&G results for the latest quarter ended Jun-20?
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How have been P&G results for the latest quarter ended Jun-20?

Aditi Sharma answered.
5 months ago

Proctor & Gamble Healthcare, formerly known as Merck India, reported a small fall in its quarterly profits. It also simultaneously reported its 18-month numbers as the company has just changed its annual year ending from December to June.

For the just concluded Jun-20 quarter, Proctor & Gamble Healthcare reported a 10% fall in its net profits to Rs.200 crore due to the lag effect of the Coronavirus pandemic. The profit was around Rs.224 crore in the corresponding quarter of the Jun-19.

Ironically, the company had delivered good double digit growth for 4 consecutive quarters till COVID came and changed the narrative. Even in the midst of COVID, the profits of the company only fell by 10% as it managed to control costs quite effectively.

Due to the change in the financial year ending from December to June, the company also prepared its books for the 18-month period. This was a one-time consolidation before permanently shifting the reporting year to June in the years ahead.

Proctor & Gamble Health reported total sales of Rs.1329 crore, up by 55% for the 18-month period ending in June 2020. It also reported a 150% growth in net profits to Rs.254 crore for the period. P&G Healthcare also declared a final dividend of Rs.230 per share for the year.