InvestorQ : How important is mentoring for a Fin Tech start up in India?
Crowny Pinto made post

How important is mentoring for a Fin Tech start up in India?

1 year ago

Some of the typical problems faced by start-ups are as under…

· While the ideas have been both innovative and disruptive, it is execution that is the key and consistent execution is where most start-ups have faltered.

· Secondly, the bootstrapped start-ups have managed to hold on for some time but the revenue flows have not kept pace with the burgeoning costs. This has created a financial crunch for many start-ups.

· Thirdly, in many FinTech start-ups where early stage funding has been easily available, there has been an inability to meet seed shareholder’s expectations. That has either led to subsequent rounds of funding drying up or loss of control. We have already seen that happen in some leading Ecommerce start-ups in India.

· The need of the hour is a bigger mentoring role played by BFSI players in helping and empowering start-ups in their disruption goal. Of course, here the alignment of goals between the start-up and the mentor is very important. That is a necessary pre-condition for success.