InvestorQ : How is Axis Global Equity Alpha Fund for investment?
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How is Axis Global Equity Alpha Fund for investment?

tanvi Patel answered.
2 years ago

Axis Global Equity Alpha Fund is an international category (thematic) fund of funds that will invest inequities across the globe. However, thematic funds are recommended to only those investors who have a very high appetite for market volatility and a long investment horizon say at least 7-8 years. Though international category schemes offer additional diversification (geography), they also bring additional risk in the form of currency risk and economy specific risk.

Therefore, one can invest up to 15% of the investments in such thematic funds only if it suits the risk profile of the investor. International category funds are treated as debt funds for taxation purposes, which is 20% with the benefit of indexation after a holding period of three years and at the slab rate for lower holding periods.