InvestorQ : How is the 5G rollout of Bharti Airtel planned and what is the role that the 3 partners of Airtel will play in the rollout?
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How is the 5G rollout of Bharti Airtel planned and what is the role that the 3 partners of Airtel will play in the rollout?

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Post the 5G auctions for spectrum, Bharti Airtel has readied its 5G rollout plans. It has inked 5G network agreements with marquee partners like Ericsson of Sweden, Nokia of Finland and Samsung of South Korea. These set of agreements will catalyse the 5G deployment from the month of August 2022 itself. While Airtel has a long partnership with Ericsson and Nokia, it has signed up with Samsung for the first time on roll out partnership. These partnerships will aid the launch of 5G from August 2022 onwards, stretching all the way to March 2024.

Airtel shelled out over Rs43,500 crore as license fees for the high-end spectrum. The idea of marquee partners is to be able to roll out the 5G services offering ultra-high-speeds, low latency and the capability to handle large mountains of data. Here is how Ericsson will fit into the story. Ericsson has global experience in 5G rollout across large parcels of Europe and it will use its accumulated experience to replicate its consolidated experience in India in partnership with Airtel. This will allow Bharti Airtel to deliver the full 5G range of benefits.

Let me now turn to how Nokia of Finland would fit into this rollout of 5G by Bharti Airtel. Nokia will provide equipment from its AirScale portfolio, which is a market leader in this specific area. Nokia will offer solutions pertaining to network management, deployment, planning and optimization to enable the delivery of 5G performance in what promises to be the largest and the most complex telecom networks in the world. Nokia’s solutions will be critical for the effective and rapid rollout of 5G services.

Finally, let me turn to the role that Samsung will play in this rollout by Bharti Airtel. Samsung will be a network partner and will partner Airtel to deploy Airtel 5G. This not only marks the start of a relationship, but also gives Samsung a foothold in the Indian telecom market. In the Indian context, 5G is expected to have a deep impact on consumers and enterprises. Samsung will contribute to the partnership with its enhanced hardware capabilities. Together, these four will complete 5G rollout on or before March 2024, pan India.

It must be remembered that Bharti Airtel had spearheaded the testing of several use cases with multiple partners. It had also demonstrated India’s first 5G experience over a live 4G network in Hyderabad. The plan is that it will start with all the key cities and select small towns and complete the entire rollout over the next 20 months.