InvestorQ : How many stocks can I trade intraday at any point of time?
manisha Kolvenkar made post

How many stocks can I trade intraday at any point of time?

Archita Jajjoo answered.
3 years ago
There are two things to understand here. There is a list of stocks that you need to track and then there is a number of positions you can have open at any point in time. Minimizing activity helps the trader to monitor stock movements more closely and more precisely. You will start off with a broad research list which must not be more than 8-10 stocks in a best case scenario because you need to specialize in these stocks and their charts and chart trends. As part of your research watch list, the set of stocks becomes crucial. It must be large enough to offer you the ample opportunities but small enough to be effectively tracked.
An intra-day trader’s watch list is a crucial tool. He must use the charts to fix entry price and target levels for each stock and keep modifying and fine-tuning them on a regular basis. These kinds of data are never static and you need to treat their dynamism with care. Intra-day traders usually set themselves fixed entry and target levels, recognizing that they may otherwise be beholden to emotional reactions. This is part of the larger discipline process when trading intraday in stocks.