InvestorQ : How much is LIC likely to be valued at?
indhumathi Sayani made post

How much is LIC likely to be valued at?

shrinidhi Rajan answered.
1 year ago

It is hard to say as that is a number that will be finally determined by the investment bankers to the issue. The government has already clarified that the company will come out with an IPO only in the second half of the fiscal because it needs Parliament approval since LIC was formed by statute of parliament. Regarding valuations, the initial indications are that the company could be valued at closer to around $150 billion or Rs.10,50,000 crore based on its asset size, profitability and its portfolio value. LIC already has an investment portfolio of $500 billion and therefore $150 billion should be a conservative valuation. It would still make LIC the most valuable company in India, well above the market cap of Reliance Industries.