InvestorQ : How Reliance Industries is making its pathway in Kirana stores?
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How Reliance Industries is making its pathway in Kirana stores?

Neha Samdani answered.
3 years ago
Through Jio mobile point-of-sale (MPoS) devices, Reliance Industries has planned to make its pathway in online retailing through the digital platform.
Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries is all set to launch the device for kirana stores of the country.

Through this new idea, the company has targeted to digitise more than five million kirana stores by 2023.
A bunch of more than 10,000 Reliance Retail stores across India is already on run to create the biggest online-to-offline (O2O) e-commerce platform in India. Over 4,500 MPoS devices installed and it have been tried in 7 cities or 30% of the stores in India.

Reliance Industries claims the store owner has to make a least one - time investment in Jio MPoS as compared to other similar services providing companies in the market. The price of the device offered by the company is Rs. 3000. Whereas, the same machine and a one- time cost offered by SnapBiz, Nukkad Shops MPoS and GoFrugal ranges from 30,000, 50000 and 150000- one lakh respectively.

Quick detail on Jio's PoS system
Cost of device- one-time investment Rs. 3000. 

Usage - A common way to connect to Jio's 4G network to shop users and order online. It will help to maintain a digital record of their inventory. Get a GST compliant bill. Easy tracking of consumer's buying patterns, apart from making payment. The poS system comes with the option to add in-built discounts. This flows out offers to the entire customer database via SMS.

Feature- Direct integration to take payment process on SnapBizz, Nukkad Shops and GoFrugal.

Charges applied- No merchant discount rate involved.